IS – International Training Environment

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As a student who has been studying at the International School for 4 years, I have a lot of memories and things to share.
From the first day of school, I knew that the training programs at the International School are built on the basis of “importing advanced programs” from 2 big universities: Manchester Metropolitan University and De Montfort University in the UK. The curriculum includes textbooks and teaching methods from the UK and some other countries like USA, Germany, Canada… Therefore, International School is considered a pioneer in internationalizing the domestic education and training with the guaranteed and standardized training quality.
Another thing that I feel different from other educational institutions is that the School focuses on its core values. Accessing to education quality in the region and in the world is the top goal of the institution, especially building and creating an environment of training, learning and researching which meets international standard so that domestic and foreign students can enjoy studying and exchanging knowledge. The students at the school are hugely receiving the attention from the its leaders and they have been striving to create the most favorable conditions and comfortable learning environment for their students. Studying at the International School, students have opportunities to study with foreign teachers and exchange knowledge with international friends from all over the world. More specially, the school also gives students opportunities to go abroad through student exchange programs, overseas scholarships or international internships. Therefore, learners possess the ability to communicate well in English and better understanding of other countries’ culture and this is a distinctive feature of the schools students..

Through the subjects and years I have gone through, I acknowledge that the training process and training principles of the institution place emphasis on promoting dynamism, innovation and forming international style of students through the training process. Being a member of this school, each student can have opportunities to participate in various exciting activities like culture night, Korean culture day, IS’s got talents, English- speaking club, etc.… which are valuable in developing the soft skills and increasing the self-confidence for its students.

Sticking to real- life practice is a compulsory requirement of all training activities, research and development activities. We, students at the school, are trained by practicing what we have learned based on the job requirements. Thus, students who have been well prepared and equipped feel highly confident after their graduation and ready to get down to work.
With great effort, I believe the International School of Thai Nguyen University will definitely continue developing as one of the top international human resource training centers of the country, not only to making contributions to better education quality, but also doing its best to fulfill any ambitions and dreams of its students.

Writer Nguyen Van Tuan – International Business K2 – International School